Friends Sites:


jim carson  (illustrator)
james clyne (illustrator)
luke freeborn (art director, set designer)
tim flattery (illustrator)
mark goerner (illustrator)
sean haworth (production designer, art director, set designer)
george hull (illustrator)
steve jung (illustrator)
warren manser (illustrator)
sam page (set designer)
ben proctor (production designer, art director, illustrator)
jamie rama (illustrator)
neil spisak (production designer)
alex tavoularis (illustrator)
alex vegh (pre-vis supervisor, artist)

Friends outside the Industry:

dan burns (Artist)
dave grace (Game Console Programer)
scott glasgow (Composer)
brad booker (Musician)

Friends Companies:

Robert McNeel & Associates
Travel Adventures
Proof, inc.
Scale Intervention

Software Companies:
Rhino 3D


Local 800 (Art Directors Guild) ph.(818) 762-9995
Perspective on Technology Wiki


From the Web:
Perspective on Technology Article (450kb) (02.01.2007; Written by Myself)
The whole magazine is posted HERE. (7.55mb)

From Newspapers:

New York Times Article (09.24.2006 by Bryan Reesman)

From Books:

The Art Direction Handbook for Film
by Michael Rizzo
Caught in the Web:
Dreaming Up the World of Spider-Man 2
by Mark Vaz