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  • New Rates.

    New Rates.

    HERE is a link to a PDF file that has this years rates for Set Designers and Model Makers.

  • Scott Schneider Gives a Rhino Tutorial

    Scott Schneider Gives a Rhino Tutorial

    My good friend Scott Schneider just posted his first online Rhino tutorial over at It’s a pretty good tip! In this episode, Scott goes over some quick techniques for analyzing your model on the fly,  for those ultra-intense speed-modeling sessions!

  • White House Down.

    White House Down.

    A new show begins. This week i started my next Film. Its great to be working again with some familiar faces.

  • helpful app for the art department.

    helpful app for the art department.

    I found a sweet App for iPhones and iPads that i could see being very handy for people working in architecture, interior design, and hollywood art departments.  Photo Measures (currently $4.99)    — and —      Photo Measures Lite (free version, with limits) The Software Description by the maker; Big […]

  • modo.


    I’m checking out some new software recommended by my friend Scott Schneider. MODO by Luxology.  I can only hope to get images of this quality out of it.  plus, there are some cool modeling tools to learn to add to my Rhino tricks.  😉

  • lily collins cast as snow white.

    lily collins cast as snow white.

    It looks as though Snow white has picked up some cast members! Other cast members include Oscar®-winner Julia Roberts as the Queen, Lily Collins (The Blind Side) – In the Attached photo– plays Snow White, Armie Hammer (The Social Network) plays Prince Andrew Alcott, and Nathan Lane (The Lion King, The Birdcage) plays the […]

  • immortals; trailer.

    immortals; trailer.

    if you have any intrest in seeing the new immprtals trailer, i just watched it here.

  • super 8; trailer.

    super 8; trailer.

    a new trailer just came out, and i’m excited to say this one looks fun.  it was a blast to work on it, and i can’t wait t see it in the theater!

  • snow white.

    snow white.

    Between December 2010 and February 2011 I worked as an Assistant Art Director for my first time on “Snow White“, staring Julia Roberts and directed by Tarsem Singh.