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  • A Good Day To Die Hard

    A Good Day To Die Hard

    Yippie-Ki-Yeah….. Another Die Hard Film!!  You know you love it! Per the IMDB; “John McClane and his son take on local forces in Russia.” Da!  (Russian for “Yes!!!”) Dan Dorrance  (Production Designer) gave me a call to help him out on this film for a short while (Pre-production in the […]

  • X-Men: First Class

    X-Men: First Class

    I was hired on “X-Men: First Class” specifically to work on the Submarine/X-Jet crashing on the beach sequence. After receiving a digital model of the full undamaged Sub from the London Art Department, one of the first request was for me to ‘space plan’ and see how set pieces from the script would logically fit into […]