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  • A Good Day To Die Hard

    A Good Day To Die Hard

    Yippie-Ki-Yeah….. Another Die Hard Film!!  You know you love it! Per the IMDB; “John McClane and his son take on local forces in Russia.” Da!  (Russian for “Yes!!!”) Dan Dorrance  (Production Designer) gave me a call to help him out on this film for a short while (Pre-production in the […]

  • Mirror Mirror

    Mirror Mirror

    This page is under construction. please stop back by shortly. I had a great time working on “Snow White”. While I was working on “Snow White”, there were 3 or 4 versions of the film being made by studio’s all over Hollywood at the same time. But it looks like […]

  • John Carter Of Mars (Reshoots)

    John Carter Of Mars (Reshoots)

    I worked on Reshoots for this Film.  This page is in process of being created. please stop back by in a bit.